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Take it all between your tender (but firm) butts, and i don't want to hear any "but" ! The time has cum...


Because taking a dick in the mouth, and feasting on it is the favorite activity of some naughty little devils out there.


Everything that revolves around the cult of the mighty butt !

Gray magic

Good and bad, there is no such things in the universe. It merely is a way for human beings to comprehend their world and structure it trough their moral standards in order to give a meaning to things, and to life. This latent force "in between", hard to comprehend or categorise, we could call it gray magic. Just like a wolf hunting, it would be erronous to call it hard or cruel for it, as destructive as it can be the wolf simply "IS", it's in it's nature and yet it does not define it's substance because he is so much more than the destructive force while hunting. A wolf protects nature's balance, it could bite you but also save your life. Just like a wave, cool for surfing, whereas the same but bigger, a tsunami, you better run... non of them ar bad, evil or good per say. It's the gray area.


The powers that rule our universe, beyond explanation. It is all there is, power and matter, emptyness and substance. What we vulgarly call White, Gray and Black magic are within this whole we call "Magic".


The gray area (gray-magic pun intended) between hardcore and softcore. A spicy mix of inbetween that should leave you confused and aroused.


Come here kitty kitty, you will be fed good.


Light and a tiny bit more sensual than just sexual. Softcore will charm you and give you sexy butterflies.


A waterfall of cum, straight down the throat into void.

White magic

The pure and beneficient force that runs into the universe. Light, warm and conforting like a mother's tenderness, healing and gentle but also more porwull than the core of all the suns in the existence if they were merged into just one. It's the hardest of all kinds of magic to master. The beings of what we vulgarly call "white magic" are hard to reach, for they are not in the path of power or human vanity. Their light is fluctuent and elusive, as the most precious treasures are the most deeply hidden and veiled. White magic is the most powerful and the hardest of all magic to get in touch with. It takes time and effort, and the results are barely visible at first, as much as it is way easier to destroy than it is to create.